Former NFL running back Tim Biakabutuka would come of as an idiot if I told you he traded diamonds for chickens, but that’s exactly what he’s done. Biakabutuka sold his two Charlotte, NC jewelry stores and is now opening Bojangles’ franchises in Georgia.

Tim B. opened his first Bojangles’ on Nov 1 and wants to have a total of 10 chicken joints. If Rick Pitino and some former Kentucky Wildcats can open a bunch of Dunkin’ Donuts I don’t see any reason why Biakabutuka can’t live out his dream. And to let him tell it he had a sound reason for making the business move.

“I had a mentor who was already in the business. I looked at the brand, and Bojangles’ offers good food. A lot of people I knew liked it.”
From the looks of it Biakabutuka likes the food too. This is a good move for him though. Nobody’s gonna be buying high-priced jewelry in this economy, but everybody will shell out a few bucks for a two piece and a biscuit.

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